Crossroads Community Of Eastern PA



Update from the Community Meeting held June 1 with National Community – Greg Engroff and Kathy.
Thank you for everyone who came out to hear from Greg and Kathy talk about the health of our community and the steps to take to get back to our mission: Renewing the church.
As we learned, success of a community is not just about holding a weekend, flight or encounter. A healthy community has:
·        An active Board of Directors
·        Healthy Sponsorship
·        Strong Team Selection
·        Outreach Ream
·        Vibrant Fourth Day
…and provides an environment where the Holy Spirit can transform lives, Practice Piety, Study and Action not just on a weekend but everyday going forward. Through this, our community must remain, humble, show love, strive for excellence, remain faithful, pray, and stay engaged.
From the meeting, we are starting 2 initiatives. First, Crossroads Community will restructure its 3 separate boards to match the new model. On July 8th, all 3 boards will be meeting to transition to a Governing board which will oversee our 3 ministries: Emmaus, Face 2 Face and Chrysalis.
Second, we are starting 3 committees to help us revamp the community. And need the community’s help, The committees are:
1.      Community Communication
2.      Training
3.      Revamping Gatherings, Fourth Day
If you are interested in joining or leading a committee, please email Jen Fuhrer at
Our next community update will be after the board meeting! In the meantime, continue to meet as a gathering or reunion and be God’s hands and feet wherever you are!
The Crossroads Walk to Emmaus Board