Crossroads Face to Face Of Eastern PA


What is Face to Face

Face to Face is an experience in The Walk to Emmaus tradition, designed specifically for seniors, sixty years and older and people with physical disabilities. The theme is “Living in Grace.”
The age and physical circumstances of the Face to Face participants, require special adjustments to The Walk to Emmaus model. The adapted model presents the basic theological and biblical content of The Walk to Emmaus without the typical Walk format.
Face to Face consist of four full day sessions or eight half day sessions scheduled over two to four weeks. While most Walk to Emmaus talks are part of Face to Face, the program has added meaningful content for seniors. This content includes a talk by a hospice representative or person who has lost a life partner and a video presentation of four meditations by United Methodist Bishop Rueben Job from his book and video series Living Fully, Dying Well.
The event is open to both men and women and both women and men serve on the Face to Face team. Table discussion groups are single gender.
During the Face to Face Encounter the Pilgrims:
• Hear 14 talks about God’s grace and love
• Participate in Holy Communion
• Enjoy in-depth discussions with people their age, covering topics such as God’s grace, discipleship, grief and end-of-life issues
• Experience God’s grace personally through prayer and service
• Understand more fully the presence of Christ in the body of believers

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